Precious care at home services, inc., we provide training to students that want to join the healthcare industry, it's a high standard for caregiver training we provide to you. As a Home Health Aide (HHA), you complete a package that will enable you to join the competitive industry where standard care is measured. We equip you with skills on how to properly care for your client. We train you on various aspects of body hygiene, body mechanics, safety, and vital signs. The cost for training is flexible, contact us for more information.

Fairfax Office:

4012 Williamsburg Court,

Fairfax, VA 22032

Phone: (703)-425-2273

Phone: (703)-425-3278

    Fax: (703)-425-2274

Fredericksburg Office:

225 Industrial Court #103,

Fredericksburg, VA 22408


Phone: 540-479-1994

     Fax: 540-479-1995 

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Pennsylvania Office:

520 Pusey Avenue,

Collingdale, PA 19023

Phone: 610-915-3277

     Fax: 610-915-3278


4601 Locust Lane Suite 303

Harrisburg, PA 17109